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Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI (LLM, MBA, PhD) from Université de Nanterre [ Paris-X/ France, having also completed studies at Middle Eastern universities, has, in addition to his background as a jurist and a corporate law consultant, over 20 years of experience as a senior expert and researcher in state and semi-governmental organizations directly involved with economy, foreign trade and investment (such as Export Promotion Center of Iran, National Iranian Industries Organization, Ministry of Commerce as well as companies affiliated to Iranian Ministry of Energy). In the private sector and NGOs, Dr. AMIRSHAHI has concentrated, inter alia, on Iranian free trade zones and written, or otherwise contributed significantly to drafting, recommended approaches and guidelines to be followed by prospective foreign investors.
Dr. AMIRSHAHI has excellent knowledge of Iranian socioeconomic parameters and issues thereto relating; knowledge which, together with his long-standing jurist background, gives him a unique asset as a corporate lawyer. Dr. AMIRSHAHI has extensively written on legal issues such as intellectual property, agency agreements, company formation, licensing project, finance and foreign investment promotion.
Languages Spoken: French, English and Arabic (dialectal); mother tongue being Persian.
As to the staff (detailed list available by clicking at the right option), their wide-ranging experience and involvement in various legal fields guarantee efficient and timely processing and handling of needs and requirements of our clients.
As many of our colleague have lived, studied and traveled around the world, they are in a position to apply their own personal experience in order to adapt handling of cases of foreign clients to imperatives of Iranian legal system, envision solutions and measures in order to meet prevailing exigencies and service foreign business persons with professionalism; an added asset which is most beneficial to our clients. Furthermore, Law Firm of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI and Associates does enlist the cooperation of qualified and experienced patent and trademark agents, chartered accountants and auditors (CPAs), tax advisors as well as office administrators.
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