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Billing and Statements

Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI & Associates is always prepared to envision acceptance of various fee arrangements with clients and to undertake their representation in matters identified by them on several basis including against fees based on hourly rates. This means that our fees may be contingent on flat fee, based or determined by the time required to complete a matter, and reflect the novelty and difficulty of issues involved, the amount involved, results obtained and time limitations imposed by the client or by the experience, reputation and ability of the lawyer engaged in providing services, all as allowed by our Professional Code of Ethics.
In general, we expect to recover fees on an agreed time charge basis in respect of ordinary work. However, we are ready to consider billing on an enhanced basis for high value or novel projects. However, as a matter of policy, only absolutely and strictly professional services will be charged and billed on hourly basis and fractions thereof in increments of tenths. This means that, mindful of the requirement of our clients to budget carefully and the overall necessity to save cost and, as a matter of policy, we do not charge or bill many services which include the work performed and time expended by our firm in the performance of services which are reasonably related to the job for which the firm is retained such as telephone calls, investigations, library, electronic or other automated search, waiting time for court appearance, copies made in our office or off site, long distance fax transmissions, e-mail, postage (except delivery by express business couriers such as D.H.L.) and many other out-of- pocket expenses (in as much as the firm may not ethically bear the costs thereof). In line with this approach, we are open to any proposals and could consider any option project by project and on an agreed type of work and as none of our associates are required to amass any minimum billable hours, we are open to discuss any arrangement favored by our clients.
Statements of Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI & Associates are rendered monthly or on a quarterly basis unless other terms have been mutually agreed upon. Statements will include government (court..) costs i and disbursements ncurred on behalf of the client.
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